A pretty Chinese tree Fern with salmon-tinted young fronds. In a small state it is worth growing, but it is at present practically unknown to marketmen. The same may be said of other Fern genera, like Cyathea, Cystopteris, Didymochlaena, Deparia, Hemionitis, Hemitelia, Hymenophyllum, Hypolepis, Lindsaya, Meniscium, Notho-chlsena, Platycerium (the Stag's Horn Ferns), Woodsia, and Woodwardia - representatives of which are grown by specialists chiefly to meet the needs of private collections. They all have a certain value, but that is a matter settled by the buyer and seller according to circumstances.

Platycerium Willineki.

Fig. 314. - Platycerium Willineki.