A somewhat restricted trade is done by a few specialists in these plants, which are usually grown in cool houses, and in a compost of peat and sphagnum moss. The best-known kinds are Darling-tonia californica, with curious hood-like leaves, mottled green and white; Dionoea muscipula, the well-known "Venus' Fly-trap", the curious toothed leaves of which resemble a rat trap in appearance and action. Cephalotus follicularis, the Australian flycatcher, and various species of Sarracenia, such as Drummondi, flava, laciniata, purpurea, rubra, variolaris, etc, all remarkable for their coloured and netted tubular leaves with lids.

To these must be added the Tropical Pitcher Plants (Nepenthes), which require to be grown in a hot and moist atmosphere, and in a compost of peat and sphagnum, to secure finely coloured " pitchers" (see Vol. I., pp. 49, 50, fig. 41).