Botanically this genus includes Chamoecy-paris and Retinospora, but the latter is kept distinct in this work. Amongst the Cupressus proper, Lawson's Cypress (C. Lawsoniana), from California, and its many beautiful varieties, are raised in thousands from seeds and cuttings every year. In a native state Lawson's Cypress grows up to 200 ft. high, but the tallest trees in Britain are little more than 50-60 ft. high. Amongst the best varieties are erecta viridis, Allumi, Fraseri, glauca, and several with silvery variegation (albo-variegata, argentea, Silver Queen, &c); and golden variegation (aureo-variegata, lutea, &c); some with more pyramidal habit (pyramidalis, albo-spica); and others like Triomphe de Boskoop, a pretty blue-green variety; versicolor, Wisseli, etc.

There are several other Cypresses, including macrocarpa and its variety lutea; Macnabiana; lusitanica; nootkatensis, etc., the latter better known as Thujopsis borealis, with varieties albo-variegata and lutea. The White Cedar (C. thyoides or Chamcecyparis sphoeroidea), 30-60 ft. high, from the swampy regions of North America, is a good plant, and has a fine golden-coloured variety called lutea.