There are many kinds of Ivy in cultivation, and they are roughly divided into two groups - (1) the Tree Ivies (arbo-rescens), and (2) the Climbing Ivies. A great trade is done in both. The Tree Ivies are raised by cuttings from the flowering branches of the others, and are distinguished by having a shrubby or bushy habit, and have the leaves not deeply divided. The silver and golden variegated varieties are usually grafted on stocks of the Tree Ivies.

The Climbing Ivies are valued for clothing walls, pillars, making borders, or for planting on bare ground beneath large trees. They are easily propagated by cuttings or by grafting. Some of the best variegated climbing sorts are aurea densa, canariensis aurea, Cavendishi, Ccen~ woodiana aurea, Golden Cloud, dentata aurea, hibemica albo-marginata, Jubilee, La Reine (silver and gold), maculata major and minor, Mrs. Pollock, palmata aurea, spectabilis aurea.

The fruits of Ivies are generally dull-green or neutral-tinted in colour, but there are a few varieties in which they are yellowish, as in chryso-carpa.