The Common British Privet, vulgare, is largely grown for hedging and game coverts, and has several varieties, including a broad-leaved one, buxifolium; one with golden-yellow instead of purple-black berries; and one with leaves variegated with gold. L. ovalifolium, from Japan, has larger leaves which remain longer on the plants in winter, and is grown in thousands for hedges. The golden-leaved variety (aureum) is a splendid plant which shows its colour best in sunny places. It is raised from cuttings or is grafted on standards of the green kind. L. japonicum is a fine Japanese Privet, 6-8 ft. high, having oblong ovate glossy-green leaves. L. coriaceum (fig. 428) has very distinct-looking roundish leathery leaves; Ibota has ovate elliptic leaves; lucidum, 3 ft., has oval lance-shaped leaves; and sinense grows 12-20 ft. high. All the Privets have white tubular blossoms and are easily grown as bushes or mop-head standards, and all stand clipping well.

Ligustrum coriaceum. (1/2).

Fig. 428. - Ligustrum coriaceum. (1/2).