A hardy annual, (fig. 510), native of Tar-tary, with angular furrowed stems up to 6 ft. and more in height, furnished with broad, arrow-shaped, soft, crimpy leaves. These are boiled and eaten like Spinach or Sorrel, and are often mixed with the latter to modify the acidity of its leaves. Seeds are sown in March in drills in good soil, and the plants are thinned out about 18 or 24 in. apart each way. There are a few kinds, such as the "White Orache", with pale yellowish leaves; the "Dark Red Orache", the stems and leaves of which are of a deep-red colour, which, however, disappears in the cooking; and the "Green Orache", the leaves of which are rounder than those of the " White " variety, and are also deep green in colour.

Orache (Atriplex hortemia).

Fig. 510. - Orache (Atriplex hortemia).