The deep and sombre-green Yew is largely grown as a hedge plant, and is sold in thousands annually. There are many varieties, of which the Irish Yew (fastigiata or hibernica) is the best known on account of its pyramidal habit. There is a golden-leaved variety (aurea), and a silver variegated form (argentea) of it. There are also golden and variegated forms of the Common Yew; and an upright one, called Dovastoni, with weeping and variegated sub-varieties. There is also a golden-fruited form (fructu luted). Special varieties are grafted on stocks of the Common Yew.

Other kinds of Yew are canadensis, the American Ground Hemlock, a straggling shrub with a variegated and golden form; and cuspidata, from Japan, with spiny-tipped leaves, yellowish beneath.