Besides the varieties pyramidalis and rotundifolia the Medium Rose and White are good. These are biennials, blooming the second year and then dying down. Seed should be planted every Spring if you wish to keep a supply on hand. The Medium is the true Canterbury Bell and blooms in June and July. A good perennial Campanula is perscecifolia grandiflora and p. g. alba, blue and white respectively, with large flowers blooming in June and July. The Campanulas stay in blossom for some time and are altogether one of the most satisfactory perennials. Plant seed in the Spring and establish the plants in the garden in the Fall, covering them up well with top-dressing. Unless the plants are well grown it is safer to winter them in the cold frame. Carpathian Harebell (Campanula carpatica) is a small graceful bell-flower of very attractive form and habit. C. frag-ilis, C. turbinate, and C. pumila are also worthy of a place in the border if there is room. For the best bell-flower effect, however, C. perscecifolia grandiflora alba, C. pyramidalis and C. medium are the best to use.

The two former bloom until quite late in the Summer, but Medium, which is a biennial, is over by the end of June.

Campanula should be sown in early Spring in the cold frame and transplanted to another frame to winter. The variety rotundifolia may be used along the edges of the paths between the Roses and Iris or planted in front of C. pyramidalis which grows to a greater height and is very showy. Pyramidalis is good combined with Lilies, and a few clumps may be planted in the large beds among the Phloxes.

Campanula Pyramidalis.

Campanula Pyramidalis.

Good perennial Cornflowers are macrocephala and candidissima. Will do well in almost any soil and if started early will flower the first season.

A very good perennial that grows easily and blooms early in the spring is Myosotis, or Forget-me-not. It likes a cool, moist soil and if rightly situated will bloom all Summer. The bloom should be kept well picked off. It may be started in August to bloom the next Spring and may be set out with Pansies in the border along the path. Good varieties are alpestris, alpestris robusta grandiflora, alpestris Victoria.