(Aboriginal Name)

Leguminosae. A tropical shrub, grown for the nutritious peas. One variable species, probably originally from Africa.


Spreng. (Cytisus Cajan, Linn.). Grandul. Congo Pea. Pigeon Pea. Dhal. Toor. Urhur. Erect, 3-10 ft., villous or often tomentose: leaflets elliptic-oblong, exstipellate, resinous-punctate beneath: flowers yellow and maroon, pea-like, continuing all through the year, in axillary racemes: pod pea-like, hairy, constricted between the many seeds. Much cult, in the tropics for the seeds or pulse, being treated usually as an annual. It varies greatly in stature and in character of seeds: C. flatus, DC, has yellow flowers and 2-3-seeded pods which are not spotted; C. bicolor, DC, a smaller plant, has red-striped flowers, and 4-5-seeded pods which are spotted. See B.M. 6440 and R.H. 1874:190. The pigeon pea is much grown in the W. Indies, some varieties being preferred for human food and some for live-stock; run wild. L.H.B