(Greek, beautiful bush). Myr-tacese. Australian shrubs (more than twenty species) somewhat similar to Callistemon but more graceful in habit; evergreen greenhouse subjects, and hardy out-of-doors in California.

Leaves long, alternate: flowers showy, usually red, in lateral clusters; stamens united in bundles opposite the petals; anthers erect, attached by the base, oblong or linear; cells parallel, turned inwards, opening by longitudinal slits. For cultivation, see Callistemon.


R. Br. Height 2-4 ft.: leaves narrow, terete or slightly flattened, heath-like, glandular-dotted: flowers rich crimson, 4-merous; calyx 2-lobed in fruit; staminal bundles nearly equal, of 15-20 or more filaments. W. Austral. B.M. 1506.

C. rupestris, Schau. Evergreen shrub, the branches densely covered with needle-like small leaves: flowers in small clusters on previous year's growth; stamens with crimson filaments and yellow anthers. B.M. 7900. J.Burtt Davy.