(after E. A. Carriere, prominent French horticulturist and botanist, died 1896). Fla-courti&cese. Ornamental tree chiefly cultivated for its handsome bright green foliage.

Deciduous: leaves alternate, long-petioled, serrate: flowers dioecious; sepals 5, broadly ovate, pubescent outside; petals wanting; stamens numerous, shorter than the sepals; ovary 1-celled with numerous ovules, rudimentary in the staminate flowers; styles 3-4, 3-lobed, short and spreading: fruit a dehiscent caps.; seeds winged. - One species, or possibly two, in Cent. China.

This is a medium-sized tree very much resembling Idesia in appearance, the apetalous flowers with large white sepals in terminal corymbs or short racemes, the staminate usually many-flowered, the pistillate few-flowered, rarely solitary, and with large capsular long-pointed fruits. It has proved fairly hardy at the Arnold Arboretum. Propagated by seeds; can probably also be propagated like Idesia by greenwood and root-cuttings.


Franch. Tree, to 30 ft., with a wide-spreading flat head: leaves elliptic or ovate to oblong-obovate, 3-6 in. long, short-acuminate, rounded at the base,

lustrous on both surfaces, glabrous, crenately-serrate: sepals broadly cordate-ovate about 3/4in. long and nearly as broad, white: caps. 2-2 1/2\ in. long, pubescent. Cent. China. R.H. 1896, p. 498. Alfred Rehder.