Spinach Aphis (Myzus Persicae)

Same as green peach aphis.


-Spray at first appearance of lice with "Black

Leaf 40" tobacco extract, three-fourths pint to one hundred gallons of water, adding four pounds of soap.

Squash. Cucumber Beetles

See Cucumber.

Melon Aphis

See Muskmelon.

Squash Aphis (Nectarophora Cucurbitae)

Large, light green plant-louse attacking the leaves.


Same as for melon aphis.

Squash Lady-Bird

See Cucumber.

Squash Stink-Bug (Anasa Tristis)

Large, dark brown bug hibernates as adult under rubbish. Female lays large brown eggs in patches on the leaves. The young are greenish, feed in colonies on under side of leaves, causing them to wilt and die.


Trap adults in spring under boards laid on the ground. Destroy eggs by hands. Young can be killed with "Black Leaf 40" tobacco extract, one pint in one hundred gallons of water, adding four to five pounds of soap.

Stem-Borer (Melittia Satyriniformis)

Soft, white, grub-like larva which bores inside the stem and causes rot to develop, killing the vine.


Plant early squashes as traps. As soon as the early crop is gathered, burn the vines to destroy eggs and larvae of the borer. Fall harrowing of infested fields will help to expose the pupaae to the elements. Cut out borers whenever found. After the vines have grown to some length, cover some of the joints with earth, so that a new root-system will develop to sustain the plant in case the main root is injured.

Catalogue of Insects, continued.

Strawberry. Crown-Borer (Tyloderma Fragariae)

White grub, 1/5 inch long, boring into the crown of the plant in midsummer. The mature insect is a curculio or weevil.


Rotation of crops. Isolation of new beds from infested beds. Plant uninfested plants.

Fuller's Rose-Beetle (Aramigus Fulleri)

White grub, 1/3 inch long, feeding in the crown. The adult is a grayish brown snout-beetle with a whitish bar on each wing-cover.


Short rotation. Plant on uninfested land.

Leaf-Roller (Ancylis Comptana)

Larva less than 1/2 inch long, feeding on the leaves, and rolling them up in threads of silk; two broods.


Turn under in the fall all old beds that have become worthless. Spray with arsenate of lead, four pounds in one hundred gallons of water, after the eggs are laid but before the leaves are folded - the first half of May in the latitude of New Jersey.

Root-Borer (Anarsia Sp.)

Larva about 1/2 inch long, whitish, boring into the crown of the plant late in the season, and remaining in it over winter.


Burn the plant.

Root-Borer (Typophorus Canellus)

A whitish grub 1/8 inch in length feeding on the roots. The parent beetle is brownish, and appears in great numbers in May.