(Greek, spurred-standard). Legu-mindsse. Butterfly-Pea. Twining or trailing herbs, one of which is sometimes cultivated.

Leaves pinnate, 3-7-foliolate: flowers in the axils, showy, white or reddish, papilionaceous, the standard spurred on the back, the keel broad, and the style bearded at the apex: pod long and narrow, many-seeded, with 2 thick-edged valves. - Species about 30 in tropical Amer. and 2 in U. S. Centrosema is a more recent name than Bradburya of Rafinesque, but it is thoroughly established in usage and is retained in the "nomina conser-vanda" of the Vienna Congress.


Benth. (Bradburya virginiana, Kuntze). Roughish, climbing, 2-6 ft.: leaflets ovate to linear, shining, stipitate: flowers 1-4 in the axil, 1 in. long, violet and splashed, showy: pod straight and long-pointed, 4-5 in. long. N. J. and S., in sandy lands. A.G. 13:649. - Intro, to cult, many years ago, but again introduced in 1892 (as C. grandiflorum), and much advertised. It is a hardy and desirable perennial vine, blooming the first season from seed; easily grown. There is a white-flowered form. L. H. B.