(Greek, wax and fountain, the flowers having a waxy look). Asclepiadaceae. Greenhouse vines of Africa and Asia.

Stems fleshy, erect and twining among the other plants in nature, or pendulous: leaves opposite, sometimes in the S. African species wanting: flowers medium-sized, the corolla more or less inflated at the base, straight or curved; corona something as in our common milkweeds, double. - A genus of 100 species, a dozen of which are known in Old World collections but only the following in Amer. Many of them have tuberous roots, and need a season of rest and dryness. May be grown in a compost of loam, leaf-mold or peat, and sand. Temperate house is the best for the two following. Prop, by cuttings in spring over bottom heat. Odd and handsome.

Woodii, Schlecht

With many slender prostrate or trailing stems: leaves fleshy, about 1 1/2 in- long, almost rotund: flowers in pairs, axillary on stalks, 3-7 in. long; corolla slightly curved, about 3/4in. long, pink or with dark lines below, the upper part sometimes purplish. Natal. G.C. III. 22:357; 37:244 (desc). B.M. 7704.

Sandersonii, Decne

stem twining, fleshy and thick: leaves about 1 3/4 in. long, ovate-lanceolate: flowerscymose, 3-4 at a node, the greenish white corolla about 1 1/2-2 in. long, curved and with an obvious inflation at the base. Natal. B.M. 5792. G.C. III. 40:383. R.H. 1901, p. 111.

C. barbertonensis, N. E. Br. Leaves somewhat variegated with pale green along the veins: flowers similar to C. Woodii. Transvaal. - C. Brownii, Ledger. Corolla-tube pale green with dark blotches; lobes greenish with alzoneof white and dark purple in the middle. Uganda. -C. discreta, N.E.Br. Tuberous: tube whitish, dark-veined; lobes pale yellow at base, purple-green at apex. Madras. - C. fusca,C Bolle. Many succulent stems: corolla dull reddish brown: coronna light yellow. Canary Isls. B.M. 8066. - C. gemmlfera, K. Schum. A tall climbing species: flowers solitary. W. tropical Africa - C. Lugdrdae, N.E.Br. Leaves thin, 1-2 in. long: tube 1 in. long, abruptly curved immediately above inflated base, dilated at apex into funnel-shaped mouth. Bechuanaland. G.C. III. 30:302 (desc.). - C. Rendallii, N.E. Br. A small species with flower having an umbrella-like canopy surmounting the corolla: twining. Transvaal. - C. similis, N.E. Br. In cult, as C. Thwaitesii. Corolla-lobes white or pale green at base, ciliate. G.C. III. 40:384. C. Thorncroftii, N. Br. stems twining: cymes axillary, many-flowered; corolla white, with purple blotches.

Trans-vaal. B.M. 8458. N. Taylor