(chamai, dwarf, and daphne, the laurel in ancient Greek, alluding to its dwarf habit and evergreen leaves). Syn., Cassandra. Ericaceae. Leather-Leaf. Small plant, rarely cultivated for its early white flowers and evergreen foliage.

Low shrub, with evergreen alternate small leaves: flowers nodding in terminal leafy racemes; calyx small, 5-lobed; corolla urceolate-oblong, 5-lobed, with 5 included stamens; anthers 2-pointed: fruit a depressed-globose, 5-lobed caps, with numerous seeds. - One species in the colder regions of the northern hemisphere. Low, hardy, ornamental shrub, valuable for the earliness of its pretty white flowers It thrives best in a peaty and sandy, moist soil. Prop, by seeds sown in sandy peat, only slightly or not covered, and kept moist and shady; also by layers and suckers and by cuttings from mature wood in late summer under glass.


Moench (Cassandra calyculata, Don. Lyonia calyculata, Reichb. Andromeda calyculata, Linn.). Fig. 894. Bush with spreading or horizontal branches, 1-3 ft.: leaves short-petioled, oblong, obtuse, slightly serrulate and revolute at the margins, dull green above and rusty-lepidote beneath: flowers short-peduncled, nodding; corolla white, oblong, about 1/4in. long. B.M. 1286. L.B.C. 6:530; 15:1464; 16:1582. Mn. N. 1:125. Em. 423. variety angustifolia, Rehd. (Andromeda calyculata variety angustifolia, Ait. A. crispa, Poir.). Leaves linear-lanceolate, undulate and crisped at the margin. variety nana, Rehd. (Andromeda calyculdta variety nana, Lodd. A. vacci-nioides, Hort.). One foot or less high, with horizontal branches. L.B.C. 9:862. - Handsome little shrub, well suited for borders of evergreen shrubberies and for rockeries. Alfred Rehder.

Chamaedaphne calyculata. (X 1/3)

Fig. 894. Chamaedaphne calyculata. (X 1/3)