(Greek, referring to the fact that the fustic-tree bears a green dye). Moraceae. Two milky-juiced alternate-leaved trees, one in tropical Africa and one in tropical Amer. Leaves entire or toothed: dioecious; male flowers in cylindrical spikes, the females in nearly globular or oblong heads, these clusters solitary in the axils; perianth of male flowers 4-parted, the segments

broad and obtuse; stamens 4; ovary a minute rudiment in the males; perianth of female flowers 4-parted or -divided, the segments concave-thickened at the apex; style lateral on the oblique-ovoid ovary: achene equaling the perianth or somewhat exserted, covering the receptacle. C. tinctbria, Gaud. (Madura tinctoria, Don) is the fustic of the W. Indies. It reaches a height of 50 ft., and a diam. of trunk of 2 ft.: usually not thorny: leaves nearly entire, oblong, acuminate. Variable. The handsome yellow wood yields a yellow dye, which is used also in the making of browns and greens; it is also a strong and resistant timber. l H B