(golden wand, from the Greek). Liliacese. Two New Zealand rhizomatous herbs, usually classed with "bulbs" by gardeners, bearing many small yellow flowers in a long raceme on the top of an elongated scape: plant often dioecious or polygamous: perianth 6-parted, the segments nearly equal; stamens 6: caps. 3-celled and 3-valved. The genus is now commonly united with the S. African Bulbinella, the combined species becoming 13 or 14. C. Hookeri, Colenso (Bulbinella Hookeri, Benth & Hook., now the accepted name. Anthericum Hookeri, Colenso)is in cult, in this country. It is a hardy plant 2-3 ft. high, with swordlike foliage: flowers 1/3 in. diam., bright yellow, perfect, on slender pedicels, the segments linear-oblong, and obtuse and spreading. B.M. 4602. - Cult. in the ordinary border, and treated like the asphodel, they do well. But they are improved in rich, deep and rather moist soil; strong clumps, 4-6 years old, are then at their best and are very excellent plants. After that they should be divided. Prop, by division or seed.

Blooms in June and July. J. B. Keller and L. H, B.