(Circe, the enchantress). Onagraceae. Enchanter's Nightshade. Six or seven herbs of low or moist woods in North America and other temperate and cold regions of the northern hemisphere, two of which have been offered for growing in shady places and about garden bogs.

Perennials, small and soft: leaves opposite and stalked: flowers perfect, small, and white, in terminal and lateral racemes; calyx-tube hairy, prolonged beyond the ovary, 2-lobed; petals 2, notched: fruit a small, bristly bur. They are interesting little plants, but not showy. Of easy cult, in shady, damp spots.

Lutetiana, Linn. Erect and branching, 1-3 ft., the stem swollen at the nodes: leaves ovate-acuminate, more or less rounded at the base, somewhat toothed: pedicels slender, reflexed in fruit: fruit 2-celled, bristly. Woods, E.


Aschers & Mag. From 6-12 in., from a little tuber; smaller than the above, leaves less acuminate, flowers smaller, fruit 1-celled and less bristly. Wyo., west.

L. H. B