Blume, variety pictum, Muell. Arg. (C. medium, Baill. C. variegatum variety genuinum,

Muell. Arg., in part. C. pictum, Hook. Croton variegatus, Linn. Croton pictus, Lodd. Phyllaurea Codiaeum, Lour.). Leaves ovate to linear, marked with various colors, entire or lobed. - Cult, throughout the Old World tropics as well as in Eu. and Amer. The wild form with green leaves is variety molluccanum, Muell. Arg. (C.moluccanum, Decne.). B.M. 3051. L.B.C. 9:870.

A. Foliage plane or recurved, entire, not appendiculate.

b. Leaves 2-3, rarely 4 times as long as broad, usually broadest above the middle. Form platyphyllum, Pax.

c. The leaves with practically no red coloration. Hort. vars.: aureo-maculatum, aureo-marmoratum, Baron Frank Seilliere, Barryi, Bergmanii, Bruce Find-lay, Carrierei, Delight, Exquisite, fasciatum, fucatum, Golden Queen, grande, Hawkeri, Henryanum, Hookeri, invictum, Jamesii, lacteum, magnolifolium, maximum, medium variegatum, Orvilla, ovalifolium, Princess Waldeck, superbiens, tournfordensis, Truffautii.

cc. The leaves, at least when older, red colored.

Hort. vars.: Andreanum, acubaefolium, Austinianum, Baronne James de Rothschild (Fig. 1016), B. Compte, Beauty, Dayspring, Dormannianum, Hilleanum, Le Tzar, Magnificent, Marquis de Guadiaro, Me. Lucien Linden, Mortii, Mrs. Iceton, Nestor, Newmannii, Pen-nincki; pictum, Pilgrimii, Prince Henry, recurvifolium, Reidii, Reginae, roseo-pictum, Stewartii, Williamsii.

ccc. The leaves broad, color not specified.

Hort. vars.: Compte de Germiny, d'Haenei, Dr. Friedenthal, Hendersonii, Kreutzeanum, Makoyanum, marmoratum, Prince Royal, Sanderi, Seemannii, Sinai, Stroemeri, verum, Watsonii.

bb. Leaves lanceolate to narrowly lanceolate, 5 or more times as long as wide. Form ambiguum, Pax.

c. The leaves with practically no red coloration. Hort. vars.: albo-lineatum, angustissimum, anietumense, bellulum, Burtonii, concinnum, Countess, Crown Prince, Davisii, Duvalii, eburneum, elongatum, eminens, Goednoughtii, irregulare, latimaculatum, maculatum, Monarch, Mooreanum, Mrs. Swan, vol-utum, Weismanii, Wilsonii.

cc. The leaves, at least when older, red-colored.

Hort. vars.: albicans, amabile, Broomfieldii, Chal-lengerii, Chantrieri, chrysophyllum, Cooperi, Drouetii, Duvivieri, Flamingo, Hanburyanum, imperiale, inimita-bile, insigne, Jubilee, Lady Zetland, lancifolium, Mac-farlanei, magnificum, Massangeanum, multicolor, musaicum, Nevillise, princeps, Queen Victoria, recurva-tum, Sunshine, triumphans, triumphans Harwoodi-anum, Vervaetii, Victory, Veitchii, Youngii.

ccc. The leaves medium width, lanceolate, color not specified.

Hort. vars.: Boucheanum, Eckhautei, Eclipse, Excel-lenz, Flambeau, Gaerdtii, Grusonii, Imperator, Leopoldii, Margarete Daniel, marginatum, neriifolium, Oberstleutnant Brode, Ohlendorffii, Pres. Chereau, Said Pascha, Spindlerianum, splendidum, undulatum.

bbb. Leaves linear, 1 cm. (2/3in.) or less broad. Form taeniosum, Muell. Arg.

c. The leaves with practically no red coloration.

Hort. vars.: aigburthiense, aureo-punctatum, Dodg-sonae (in part), elegantissimum, Elvira, gloriosum, Hermon, Johannis, Phillipsii, superbum, Van Oosterzeei.

cc. The leaves with red color, at least when old.

Hort. vars.: Bragaeanum, elegans, majesticum, Mrs. Dorman, ' nobile, Princess of Wales, Rodeckianum, ruberrimum, sceptre.

ccc. The leaves narrow linear, color not specified.

Hort. vars.: Donai, Fascination, Grayii, Klissingii, lineare, pendulinum.

aa. Foliage lobed, or with margin crisped or spirally twisted, or with a hair-like or If . - like apical appendage.

b. Leaves entire, with margin crisped, or the whole If. spirally twisted, without appendage. Form crispum, Muell. Arg. Hort. vars.: caudatum tortile, Chelsonii, Cronstadii,

Elysian, Eyrei, Katharina, Madam Seilliere, Rex, spirale (in part) (Fig. 1019), Warrenii.

bb. Leaves more or less 3-lobed, at least constricted in the middle (panduriform). Form lobatum, Pax. c. The leaves panduriform or indistinctly lobed.

Hort. vars.: Bismarckii, irregulare, lyratum, monti-fontainense, multicolor, Princess Matilda, Russelii, Thomsonii.

cc. The leaves distinctly 3-lobed.

Hort. vars.: Craigii, Disraeli, Evansianum, Fred Sander, Goldiei, hastiferum, illustre, Lord Derby, maculatum Katonii, trilobum.

bbb. Leaves entire or nearly so, the midrib projecting, usually below the apex, as a horn-like appendage. Form cornutum, Andre.

Hort. vars.: appendiculatum, chrysophyllum (in part), cornutum, excurrens, Mrs. McLeod, paradoxum, Prince of Wales, spirale (Fig. 1019).

Codiaeum spirale. (An example of forms crispum and cornutum.)

Fig. 1019. Codiaeum spirale. (An example of forms crispum and cornutum.)

bbbb. Leaves constricted to the midrib, or with the apically projecting midrib, bearing a second or even third plane, or cucullate, lamina. Form appendiculatum, Celak.

Hort. vars.: Dodgsonae, interruptum (Fig. 1018), elegans, irregulare, Laingii, Mrs. McLeod (in part), multiforme, mutabile, picturatum, Rodeckianum (in part), Sinitzianum.

The following varieties are in the American trade or frequently cultivated in this country. A great many variations in spelling of names occur, chiefly due to different terminations to agree with either Croton or Codiaeum. Such slightly different forms of names have been omitted. The brief descriptive phrases do not include the more important characters given in the above classification. When yellow and red are both mentioned, the foliage is generally at first yellow-marked and later the yellow changing to red with ground-color green or dark red-green. The measurements are approximate, and of course, more or less unreliable and show respectively width and length of leaves in inches. It is intended here to account for the Latin-form names, that might be confused with tenable species-names; but practically all the prevailing vernacular names have been inserted.

Codiaeum Disraeli.

Fig. 1017. Codiaeum Disraeli.

(An example of form lobatum.)

Aigberth Gem (= following?).

Aigburthiense. Yellow midrib and spots, 1/3X 11. A.F. 16:255. Gng. 9:19.

Albicans. White variegated, crimson beneath, 3 X 18.

Albo-lineatum. Yellow center changing to white, 1 X12. A.F. 16:255. Gng. 9:19.

Amabile ("often called variabile"). Leaves often distorted and curved to one side, variegated with yellow and two distinct shades of green and red, 1 1/2 x 11.