(after Columna or Colonna, Italian writer on plants, sixteenth century). Ges-neraceae. Tropical American shrubs and climbers, sometimes grown under glass in choice collections.

Flowers widely gaping, showy, often 2 in. long: leaves opposite, nearly equal or widely unlike: flowers solitary or numerous, axillary, stalked or not, without bracts or with bracts in an involucre; corollas scarlet, carmine or yellowish. - A group of 100 species of which half a dozen mostly red- or orange-flowered, are cult, abroad and may be known to a few fanciers at home, but are not advertised by the dealers. They are warmhouse evergreens requiring the treatment of Trichosporum (AEschynanthus).

Columnea gloriosa. (X 1/5)

Fig. 1039. Columnea gloriosa. (X 1/5)

Schiedeana,Schlecht. The best known species. It has handsome scarlet flowers 2 in. long, sometimes variegated with yellow. It is an herbaceous climber from Mex. B.M. 4045. P.M. 9:31.


Sprague. Fig. 1039. An epiphytic perennial herb: leaves ovate or ovate-oblong: flowers axillary, solitary, scarlet and yellow. Costa Rica. B. M. 8378.

C. glabra, Oerst, variety major. Flowers scarlet; stamens white. Costa Rica. - C. magnifica, Klotzsch & Hanst. Corolla bright scarlet; tube inflated about the middle. Costa Rica. G.C. III. 43:66. - C. Oerstediana, Klotzsch. Epiphytic undershrub or herb: flowers scarlet. Costa Rica. B.M. 8344. N. Taylor.†