(from an East Indian vernacular name). Verbenaceae. A few species of climbing shrubs in Burma and the Malayan peninsula: leaves opposite and entire: flowers in peduncled capitate cymes which are combined in large terminal panicles, the bracts at the base of the cyme-peduncles large and often showy; calyx funnel-form, 5-toothed; corolla-tube slender, seldom much exceeding the calyx, usually hairy in the throat, 2-lipped, the upper lip of 2 narrow upright lobes and the lower of 3 shorter broader lobes; stamens 4, exserted; ovary incompletely 2-celled: fruit a small roundish nearly dry drupe. C. tomentosa, Roxbg., is grown in India and is said to be suitable for growing in a stove or warm conservatory in Britain: a strong climber, conspicuous for the pink and changing tints of the large elliptic persistent bracts in the loose woody terminal panicles: leaves 3 in. long, ovate-acute, soft-hairy beneath: corolla white; calyx hairy. Burma. G.C. III. 54:399. - Evergreen: infloresence retained for several weeks.

Allied to Petrsea volubilis.