7. Amcenum, Roxbg

Bulb globose, 2-3 in. diam., with a very short neck: leaves 10-12, suberect, linear, 2 ft. or less long, rough-edged, tapering to the apex: flowers 6-12, the peduncle standing 1-2 ft. high; perianth-tube greenish, 3-4 in. long; segments white tinged red outside, 2-3 in. long, lanceolate; filaments bright red, shorter than segments India. Summer; warmhouse. variety Mearsii, Bedd. (C. Mearsii, Bedd.). Very small: leaves 1 ft. or more long, 1 in. wide, very smooth: peduncle 3-5 in. long, 6-10-flowered; flowers white, the tube slender and 5 in. long; segments lanceolate, 2 1/2 in. long and 1/2in. broad. Upper Burma. G.C. III. 42:62. - Whole plant not more than 2 or 3 in. high when not in bloom; blooms well in a 3-in. pot.

bb. Leaves numerous, 20 or more to a bulb.

8. Augustum, Roxbg

(C. amabile variety augustum, Gawl). Bulb conical, 6in. thick; neck long: leaves 20-30, strap-shaped, 2-3 ft. long, 3-4 in. broad: flowers 12-30, on a lateral much-compressed peduncle 2-3 ft. high; pedicels sometimes an inch long; color strong purplish red outside, banded within; tube purplish; segments lanceolate, 4-5 in. long; filaments half length of segments, red. Mauritius, Seychelles. B.M. 2397. B.R. 679. - Warmhouse; effective.

9. Erubescens, Ait

Bulb ovoid, 3-4 in. thick, the neck short: leaves many, curved, strap-shaped, thin, 2-3 ft. long and 2-3 in. broad, slightly rough on edges: flowers 4-12, on peduncle 2 ft. or more high, the pedicels 0 or very short; color reddish outside, white within; tube bright red, 5-6 in. long; segments half as long as tube, lanceolate, reflexing. tropical Amer. B.M. 1232. L.B.C. 1:31. - Summer; warmhouse.

10. Kunthianum, Roem

(C. erubescens, HBK., not Ait.). Bulb ovoid, 3 in. diam., with a short neck: leaves about 20, strap-shaped, spreading, 2-3 in. broad, undulate but entire: flowers 4-5 in an umbel, the peduncle 1 ft. high, the pedicels 0 or very short, pure white; tube 7-8 in. long; segments lanceolate, 2 1/2 in. long; filaments less than 2 in. long, bright red. Colombia. variety nicaraguense, Baker, is purple outside, the segments a little longer and leaves longer and narrower.

11. Purpurascens, Herb

Bulb ovoid, short-necked, 2 in. diam., stoloniferous: leaves 20 or more, linear, thin, 3 ft. or less, prominently undulate: flowers 5-9, on a peduncle 1 ft. or less long; tube very slender, 5-6 in. long; segments lanceolate, half as long as tube, pink or purplish; filaments bright red. Upper and Lower Guinea, in streams and lakes, the leaves often floating. B.M. 6525. G.C. III. 47:114. - Amphibious. Summer; warmhouse.

aaa. Perianth funnel-shaped; tube permanently curved; segments oblong ascending; stamens and style contiguous and declined. (Codonocrinum.) b. Bulbs long-necked (No. SO omitted).

c. Margin of leaves not ciliate, but often scabrous.

12. Longifolium, Thunb

(Amaryllis longifolia, Linn. C. riparium, Herb. C. capense, Herb.). Bulb ovoid, 3-4 in. diam.: leaves 12 or more, strap-shaped, 2-3 ft. long, 2-3 in. wide, margins rough: flowers 6-12, pedicels 1-2 in. long; perianth tinged red on the back, and sometimes on the face, with a white variety; tube cylindrical, 3-4 in. long, about equaling the limb; segments oblong, acute, 1 in. or less broad; stamens nearly as long as segments; filaments red. Cape. Natal. B.M. 661. variety album, Hort. Gn. 52, p. 123. - Probably the hardiest pure species of crinum, enduring the win-

ter of the Middle States, if protected with litter during cold weather. Prop, by offsets or seed, which latter is produced abundantly. C. grandiflorum, Hort., is a hybrid with C. Careyanum, said to partake of the hardiness of C. longifolium. Sometimes described as having a short-necked bulb.

13. Macowanii, Baker

Bulb globular, 9-10 in. diam., with neck 6-9 in. long: leaves 12-15, strap-shaped, thin, 2-3 ft. long, 4 in. or less broad: flowers 10-15, on a stout green peduncle 2-3 ft. high; tube curved, green, 3-4 in. long; segments about equaling the tube, pink, oblong, acute, 1-1 1/2 in. broad. Natal. - Late autumn; greenhouse, or half-hardy.

14. Moorei, Hook. F

(C. Makoyanum, Carr. C. Colensoi, C. Mdckenii and C. natalense, Hort.). Fig. 1110. Bulb ovoid, neck 12?18 in. long: leaves 12-15, strap-shaped, 2-3 ft. long, 3-4 in. wide, margin entire, veins rather distant, distinct: flowers 6-12, on peduncle 2-3 ft. high, the pedicels 1 1/2-3 in. long; tube greenish, about 3 in. long and with a funnel-shaped pinkish limb of equal length, the segments oblong, nearly acute, con-nivent; filaments pink, an inch shorter than segments Natal and Kaffraria. B.M. 6113. G.C. III. 2:499; 48:59. R.H. 1887:300 and p. 417. R.B. 22. p. 196; 23:61. variety album, Hort. Gt. 31:1072. Gn. 52, p. 122, and variety platypetalum, Hort., are cultivated C. Colensoi has a longer tube, smaller flower, with a paler and narrower limb. C. Schmidtii, Regel, is probably a pure white-flowered form of this species.

A young plant of Crinum Moorei.

Fig. 1110. A young plant of Crinum Moorei.

15. Powellii, Hort

Fig. 1111. Bulb about 3 in. diam., with a long slender neck: leaves about 20, spreading, ensiform, acuminate, 3-4 ft. long, 3-4 in. broad near the base, margin smooth: flowers about 8; perianth dark rose-color; pedicels 1-1 1/2 in. long. - Garden hybrid of C. longifolium and C. Moorei. - A valuable outdoor crinum. variety album, Hort., white. variety intermedium, Hort., light rose-color.

Crinum Powellii.

Fig. 1111. Crinum Powellii.

cc. Margin of leaves ciliated.

16. Kirkii, Baker

Bulb globose, 6-8 in. thick, neck 6 in. long: leaves 12 or more, 3 1/2-4 ft. long, 4-4 1/2 in. wide and long-tapering to a point; margin rough, veins close: flowers 12-15 on a stout compressed peduncle 1-1 1/2 ft. high; pedicels 0 or very short; color white, with a very distinct bright red band down the center of each oblong acute segment; tube greenish, 4 in., about equaled by the segments E. Africa B.M. 6512. - Probably not in commerce. See No. 17. Sept.; warmhouse.

bb. Bulbs short-necked (not considering No. SO). C. Flowers numerous, usually more than 8 in an umbel.