(Greek, a concealed line, alluding to the sub-marginal sori). Polypodiaceae. Hardy subalpine ferns of both hemispheres of interest mainly to the collector.

Leaves of 2 sorts, the fertile leaves contracted and the sori covered by the infolded margin of the segments, forming pod-like bodies. Besides our native species, a third one, C. crispa, is found in Eu., and a fourth in the Himalayas. Name often incorrectly written Crypto-gramme. Cult, simple.


R. Br. Rock-Brake. ' Height about 8 in.: leaves numerous, 4-6 in. long, on tufted straw-colored stalks, tri-quadripinnatifid, with toothed or incised segments, the sporophylls with longer stalks, less divided and with pod-like segments Canada to Colo., Calif., and northward.

Stelleri, Prantl (Pellaea gracilis, Hook. P. Stelleri, Baker). Slender Rock-Brake. Leaves 4-10 in. long, very delicate in texture, withering by Aug., few to a plant, about 2 pinnate. - Grown best in loose well-drained leaf-mold. A rather rare rock fern of the eastern states, offered by some dealers in hardy ferns. Grows in crevices of cliffs, or in moss.

R. C. Benedict.†