(Greek, meaning to bear hidden flowers). Orchiddceae. A few tropical American orchids closely allied to Masdevallia and Pleurothallis, remarkable for the almost closed flower within which is hidden the lip: sepals united at the base into a short tube and joined also at the apex, the petals being inside; there are openings or "windows" on either side where the sepals spread apart at their middles. The species require the cult, given Pleurothallis. Apparently none is in the American trade. C. maculatus, Rolfe (Pleurothallis maculata, Rolfe), is a little plant with numerous yellow densely crimson-spotted flowers C. Dayanus, Rolfe (Masdevallia Dayanus, Reichb. f.). and C. atropurpureus, Rodr. (Pleurothallis and Mas-devdllia fenestrata, Hort.), may be expected; the former has upper sepal yellowish white and purple-spotted keels, and inferior sepals (joined) orange with brown spots; the latter has dark purple solitary flowers C. Moorei, Rolfe, has small dull red-purple flowers with darker lines, the lateral openings about 1/2in. long: leaves broadly elliptic, purple beneath, about 1 1/2 in. long.