(Greek, circle-bearing). Polypodi-acese. An E. Indian and Malaysian genus of simple-lvd. ferns, related to some species of Polypodium. The genus is characterized by having creeping scaly rootstocks, simple leaves usually densely covered with star-shaped scales, at least on the back. The sori are round, naked, and placed so closely together as to appear often completely to cover the back of the If. The venation consists of a very fine close network difficult to distinguish. Often listed in trade under Polypodium.

Lingua, Desv. (Niphobolus Lingua, Spreng.). Leaves 6-12 in. long, on short stalks, the If . - blades thick, leathery, narrowly oblong, 4-8 in. long, 1-2 in. broad, densely covered beneath with rusty white scales. variety corym-bifera, Hort. A form with the tips of the leaves much forked, making the blade much broader than in the type. variety variegata, Hort. A form with "fight yellow lines about 1/8 in. wide and 3/4in. apart, running across the fronds at right angles to the midrib." See also Polypodium. r. c. Benedict.