(Greek daktulos, a finger). Gramineae. A perennial tufted grass with flat blades, thin prominent ligules and sheaths closed nearly to the throat, grown for forage and one form for ornament.

Panicles glomerate; spikelets 2-5-flowered, nearly sessile in dense 1-sided fascicles, these arranged in a panicle; lemmas hispid-ciliate on the keels, awn-tipped, compressed. - Species 1, north temperate regions of the Old World.


Linn. Orchard-Grass. Fig. 1203. A coarse grass, 2-3 ft., forming large tussocks: panicle a few stiff branches, expanding in flower, afterwards appressed. Dept. Agric, Div. Agrost. 20:145. - Commonly cultivated as a pasture and meadow grass and useful for lawns under trees. variety variegata, Hort., is a dwarf form of compact habit with foliage variegated silver and green; used for borders. Prop, by division; of easy cultivation. A. S. Hitchcock.

Orchard grass.   Dactylis glomerata. (plant X 1/2)

Fig. 1203. Orchard-grass. - Dactylis glomerata. (plant X 1/2)