(origin of name unknown). Orchidaceae. Terrestrial orchids, mostly South African, of which several are known to fanciers, but only one of which is in the American trade.

Sepals free, spreading, upper one galeate, produced in a horn or spur at the base; petals inconspicuous, small, adnate to the base of the column. - Sixty or more species. D. grandiflora is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful of known orchids, but as yet difficult to manage under artificial conditions.


Linn. Flower of the Gods. Root-stock tuberous: stems 1 ft. or more high, unbranched: leaves dark green: flowers several; upper sepal hood-like or galeate, 3 in. long, rose - color, with branching crimson veins; lateral sepals slightly shorter, brilliant carmine-red; petals and labellum orange, inconspicuous. S. Africa B.M. 4073. G.C. II. 18:521; III. 9:365; 33:37. G.M. 54:608. Gt. 59, p. 374. J.H. III. 52:339. O.R. 6:241; 9:273; 20:336.

D. crassicornis, Lindl. Spike few-flowered; lateral sepals oblong, the dorsal smaller; reflexed petals, and lip lanceolate. S. Africa Gn. 73, p. 18". - D. Elwesii, Hort. A garden hybrid, probably between D. kewensis and D. Veitchii. - D. eques-tria, Reichb. f. Dorsal sepal funnel-shaped, pale blue; petals white. Rhodesia. - D. erubescens, Rendle. Flowers large and handsome, somewhat resembling D. grandiflora in color. tropical Africa - D. kewinsis, Hort. Hybrid between D. grandiflora and D. tripetaloides. Spike few-flowered; flowers 1 1/2in. across; lateral sepals rosy pink, the dorsal paler, red-spotted; lip yellowish, crimson-spotted. Gt. 52:1510. O.R. 6:24; 9:273; 20:336. - D. longicornu, Linn. f. Plant 1/2-l ft. high, producing a single flower about 2 in. long resembling a light blue delphinium. S. Africa - D. litgens, Bolus. Spike 10-15-flowered; flowers dull purple, the lip green, lacerated. S. Africa B.M. 8415. - D. Luna, Hort. A garden hybrid between D. racemosa and D. Veitchii. - D. pulchra, Sond. Spike 6-12 in. long; flowers rose. S. Africa G. 28: 201. - D. racemosa, Linn. f. Racemes 4-9-flowered; flowers deep rose-red, about 11/2 in. across.

S.Africa B.M. 7021. J.H. III. 47:213. - D. sagittalis, Swartz. Flowers in a short raceme, about 2/3in. long, pale lilac, the petals and lip red-streaked. S. Africa B.M. 7403. G.C. III. 51:312. - D. Veitchii, Hort. Hybrid between D. racemosa and D. grandiflora. Flowers about 2 1/2 in. across, rose-lilac. J.H. III. 43:145. C.O.I. O.R. 6:241; 9:273; 20:336. - D. venusta, Bolus. A slender epecies with grass-like leaves S. Africa George V. Nash.†

Leatherwood   Dirca palustris. (X 1/3)

Fig. 1277. Leatherwood - Dirca palustris. (X 1/3)