(after Castor Durantes, physician in Rome and botanist, died about 1590). Verbendceae. Tropical American woody plants, some of which are cultivated outdoors in Florida and California, and in a few northern greenhouses.

Shrubs or trees, glabrous or woolly, often armed with axillary spines: leaves opposite or in whorls, entire or toothed: racemes long and terminal or short and axillary; flowers small, short-pedicelled in the axis of a small bract; corolla-limb of 5 spreading oblique or equal lobes, the tube usually curved; stamens 4, didynamous; calyx enlarging and inclosing the fruit; stigma 4-lobed: fruit an 8-seeded juicy drupe. - Eight or 10 species, Mex., W. Indies, S. Amer., one reaching Key West.

Plumieri, Jacq

(D. spinosa, Linn. D. inermis, Linn. D. repens, Linn. D. Ellisia, Jacq. Ellisia acuta, Linn.). Golden Dewdrop. A variable shrub or small' tree, minutely pubescent or becoming glabrous: branches 4-angled: leaves obovate, oblong, ovate or elliptic, mostly entire, contracted into short petiole: flowers in panicled loose racemes; calyx-teeth subulate; corolla lilac, the limb less than 1/2in. across, the lobes ciliolate; calyx yellowish, closed into a beak and covering the yellow drupe (which may reach about 1/2in. diam.). Key West, W. Indies, Mex., to Brazil. B.M. 1759. B.R. 244. - Branches either armed or unarmed. Attractive forms with white flowers and with variegated leaves are reported in cultivation

Lorentzii, Griseb. Spineless, the branchlets 4-angled: leaves small, coriaceous, ovate or elliptic, obtusish, strongly serrate toward apex, petioled: .flowers in terminal interrupted racemes (white?); calyx tubular, 5-ribbed, short-toothed; corolla-tube exserted, cylindrical; corolla-limb unequally 5-parted, the lobes oval-orbicular; stamens included, didynamous: fruit a 2-pyrenous berry. Argentina; offered in S. Calif.


Tod. Closely allied to D. Plumieri. Spineless, to 15 ft. high, branchlets 4-angled: leaves oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, serrate or entire, pubescent on the veins beneath, 3-8 in. long: flowers lilac, less than 1/2in. across, pendulous in slender racemes, 3-4 at the end of the branches, in fruit 6-12 in. long: fruit yellow, about 1/3in. across. Brazil. Offered in S. Calif.

L. H. B