(Greek, erion, wool, and anthos, a flower). Gramineae. Plume-Grass. Tall reed-like ornamental perennials with large woolly plume-like inflorescence.

Spikelets in pairs, one sessile, the other pedicellate, as in Andropogon, arranged in spikes, and these in a large terminal panicle, clothed with long hairs, especially around the base, the fertile lemma awned. - Species about 18, warmer regions of both hemispheres.

Ravennae, Beauv. Plume-Grass. Ravenna-Grass. Hardy Pampas-Grass. Fig. 1410. Three to 12 ft.: blades 1/2in. wide, narrowed into a firm rough point: panicle or plume as much as 2 ft. long. S. Eu. Gn. 54, p. 496. R.H. 1890, p. 546. V. 3:247 - This is one of the best of the stout and tall perennial grasses. It thrives in light and open places in well-drained soils, and makes great clumps, when well established sometimes producing as many as 40 or 50 heads. Hardy in latitude of New York City.

Erianthus Ravenna

Fig. 1410. Erianthus Ravenna

A. S. Hitchcock.