Three species. Greenhouse evergreen shrubs. Partly dried cuttings. Sandy loam, peat, and brick rubbish.



Rock Rose

Cistus and Convolvulus Dorycnium.


Six species. Stove orchids. Division. Peat and wood.


Six species. Chiefly green-house evergreen shrubs. R. de-currens, a half-hardy annual; R. mucosa, an herbaceous perennial. Seed, or young cuttings. Sandy loam and peat.

R. ciliata is a Cape plant, and requires a green-house in this country. It should be potted in light rich soil, such as a mixture of peat, leaf-mould, sand, and loam. Keep it rather dry when it is not growing, but give it plenty of water at other times.


Two species. Greenhouse evergreen shrubs. Young cuttings or seeds. Loam, peat, and sand. R. aurantiaca will flower in an open border.


Rolandra argentea. Green-house evergreen shrub. Cuttings. Loam and peat.


This is best made of cast-iron, and may be had of four different sizes, viz. with a diameter of sixteen, eighteen, twenty-two, or twenty-four inches. The roller and water-engine, where either the lawns or roads are extensive, may be combined advantageously.


Eleven species. Stove evergreen shrubs. Cuttings. Loam, peat, and sand.


Three species. Greenhouse evergreen trees. Cuttings. Loam and peat.

Rosa Indica

Bengal, or Daily Rose.

Animated, rosy blush. Arsenie, light rose. Augustine Hersent, superb rose. Assuerus, crimson. Admiral Duperre, dark rose. Belle Isidore, crimson.

" de Monza, dark rose.

" Violet, violet purple. Bisson, rosy blush. Burette, dark red. Cumeleon, rose. Cramoisi supérieur, crimson. Cels, blush.

Comble de Gloire, crimson. Don Carlos, dark rose.

Duchess of Kent, pink.

Eugene Beauharnais, crimson.

Fabvier, scarlet.

Grandral, crimson.

Grandida, rose.

Hortensia, light rose.

Indica Alba, pure white.

Jacksonia, bright red.

Louis Philippe, crimson.

Lady Warrender, white.

Lawrencia, pink.

Marjolin, crimson.

Mrs. Bosanquet, large blush.

Napoleon, rose fine.

Reine de Lombardie, cherry red.

Samson, light rose.

Triomphant, crimson.

Vanilla, dark rose.

Noisette Or Cluster Flowering Roses

Those marked * are dwarfs.

*Alba, creamy white. *Aimee Vibért, pure white. Bengal Lee, blush, fragrant. Cadot, blush lilac. Charles Tenth, purple. Conque de Venus, white rose centre. Caeur Jaune, white yellow centre. Champneyana, rosy white. *Countesse de Grillion, blush. Chromotelle, large yellow fine. *Euphrosine, pale yellow. Fellenberg, crimson, superb. *Gabriel, blush, fine. Jaune Desprez, rosy yellow. *Julienne le Sourd, rose. Julie de Loynes, white. Latnarque, creamy white, fine. La Biche, flesh colour. Lady Byron, pink,fine. 33

Lutea or Smithii, fine yellow. Landreth's Carmine, carmine. *La Nymphe, pale rose. Miss Simpson, blush. Orloff, pink, fine. *Ophire, yellow, fragrant. Sir Walter Scott, deep rose. Solfatare, superb dark yellow. Vitellina, white.