I beg to recommend to your readers Calceolaria Kentish Hero as a bedding-plant. It is one of the very best for the purpose with which I am acquainted. I took up a bed of it on the loth of last November, which had been in bloom for several months, and it was then quite a blaze of beauty, although there had previously been a smart frost and much rain, so that nearly every other bed had become miserably shabby, except the hybrid Anemone between japonica and vitifolia, which is also a beautiful bedding-plant, and flowers very late in damp situations.

The Kentish Hero is of a rich bronzy colour; it is partly shrubby, and belongs to a section of the genus more prolific as regards a succession of bloom than either the true herbaceous varieties, or those from ruffosa and intejmfolia. I would advise those who have it not, to procure and make the most of it; one good plant bought in now would furnish dozens for bedding against another season. It strikes readily at any time in a very slight bottom heat. One thing requires notice, that the plants should be well supported with sticks when out of doors, otherwise, as the trusses are large, when the flowers get filled with rain, the stems are apt to break down.

Willey Park, Salop, February 14th. W. Elliott.