Flora's Garland, 16; Beauty of Woodhouse, 14; Prince Albert (Hales), 12; Ariel (May), 11; Count Pauline, 10; Hamlet, 9; King of Scarlets, 9; Admiral Curzon, 8; Brutus, 7; William Penn, 7; Lord Hardinge, 7; Prince Albert (Puxley), 6; Sarah Payne, 6; Duke of York, 5; Duke of Bedford, 5; Lorenzo, 4; Duke of Wellington, 4; Rainbow, 4; Harriet, 4; Prince Arthur, 4; Prince of Wales, 4; Lord Milton, 4; President, 4; Cardinal Wol-sey, 3; Caliban, 3; Hotspur, 3; Lydia, 3; Edgar, 3; Princess Royal (Puxley), 3; Queen Victoria (Simpson), 3; Orlando, 3; Georgiana, 3; Bright Phoebus, 3; Squire Meynal, 3; Defiance, 3; Earl Spencer, 3; Hero of Middlesex, 3; Squire Trow, 3; Vernon Smith, 2; Mrs. Burkhill, 2; Achilles, 2; Earl of Errol, 2; Splendid, 2; Lady of the Lake, 2; Omnium Primus, 2; Princess Royal (Sealey), 2; Prince of Wales (Ely), 2; William the Fourth, 2; Royal Chancellor, 2; Duke of Sutherland, 2; Roi du Capucins, 2; Double X, 2; Lovely Ann, 2; Village Maid, 2; True Briton, 2; Lord RanclifFe, 2; Premier, 2; Telemachus, 2. The varieties shewn but once are purposely omitted.

Carnations #1

Scarlet Bizarres

Brutus (Colcutt) Conquering Hero (Willmer) Hamlet (Hepworth) Juba (Colcutt) Omnium Primus (Kay) Prince Albert (Puxlev) Sir H. Hardinge (Ely)

Crimson Bizarres

Caliban (May)

Count Pauline (Holmes)

Edgar (May)

Great Britain (Ely)

Rainbow (Cartwright)

Thomas Hewlett (Holliday)

Pink And Purple Bizarres

King of Hanover (Hughes) Lady of the Lake (Pond alias Hale) Prince Albert (Puxley) Sarah Payne (Ward)

Purple Flakes

Beauty of Woodhouse (Mansley) Earl Spencer (Barrenger) Lord Byron (Taylor) Premier (Millwood) President (Martin) Queen of Purples (Holliday) Squire Trow (Jackson) William Penn (Turner)

Scarlet Flakes

Cardinal Wolsev (May) Fire-Bail (Ward) Hero of Middlesex (Willmer) King of Scarlets (Ely) Prince of Wales (Ely) Queen Victoria (Simpson)

Rose Flakes

Ariel (May) Romeo (May) Antonio (May) Lorenzo (May) Prince Arthur (May) Rosetta (May)