This beautiful plant was brought to light by Dr. Carey, late of Serampore; and I had the pleasure of naming it after one of the best, the most amiable, gifted, and indefatigable of men; whose virtues and talents adorned his country, and whose labours have promoted the glory of the Almighty. I never saw that excellent man; but fifteen years' correspondence has accustomed me to look upon him as a dearly valued friend. His life was devoted to the diffusion of the Gospel; horticulture, natural history, and botany, afforded the brief recreation he allowed himself from his daily toils. His favourite plants were the Amaryllidaceous family, and to him we are indebted for our knowledge of many of them. He was born in 1761, at Hackleton in Leicestershire, and embarked for India in 1793. In 1800 he was settled at Serampore; and he closed the labours of his useful life in 1834, beloved by all who knew him, honoured by all whom his name has reached; having translated and superintended the publication of the Gospel in forty Oriental languages, which he had the perseverance to acquire for that purpose.

Born in the humblest circumstances, often uncertain of his daily bread, at first a journeyman shoemaker, then a village schoolmaster, he had, before his departure from England, taught himself to read the Bible in Greek, Latin, Hebrew, French, Italian, and Dutch, and had become conspicuous by his eloquent preaching, and his ardent desire to bring about the mission to India, which originated in his powerful mind. When he arrived there, he found it necessary to offer his services by a hand-bill, to make or repair shoes; and after he had risen to the head of a flourishing establishment, and occupied the chair of three professorships, he was not ashamed to nail up the original hand-bill against the wall of his study, but took pleasure in considering from what a humble grade he had been lifted, up to a more useful and distinguished station, by the grace of God and his own virtuous perseverance".

Elm Cottage, Taunton. John Young.