We recommend our readers interested in the culture of the Ranunculus, and who intend to improve their collections, not to delay their purchases. It is true, the roots will not be required for planting until February; but the chances of obtaining fine blooming roots are infinitely greater now than just at the planting time, when the stocks of growers have been repeatedly culled. If this remark holds generally, it certainly will apply with particular force to new and superior varieties, the number of disposable roots of which is necessarily limited.

We offer the following descriptive list, taken from our memoranda at several leading exhibitions, as well as at the beds of some distinguished growers.

Mrs. Cowan (Moore's): a flower with white ground, with reddish-brown edging; fine shape, and of good substance.

Exhibitor (Tyso's): yellow ground, spotted with carmine; the spots are large, approaching to blotches; high crown, of excellent shape and good substance. Shewn in perfection at Upton Park, and deserves its name.

Princess Royal (Kilgour's): white ground; petals good, marked with a distinct purple spot on each. Blooms freely, but rather small, and therefore requires disbudding early in the season.

Clement (Tyso's): pure yellow ground, each petal having a small brown spot; distinct and fine.

Pleaser (Tyso's): another yellow ground; good petals, lightly margined with red. This flower is like "Delectus," but an improvement on it.

Festus (Tyso's): yellow ground; good petals, strongly edged with brown or coffee-colour.

Admiral Napier (Costar's): yellow ground, richly edged with brown.

Dr. Channing (Lightbody's): cream ground, with crimson-purple edging, and approach to mottling, yet distinct in character, and fine.

Talisman (Lightbody's): white ground; good petals, finely margined with purple.

Sir John Graham (Lightbody's): cream ground; petals richly edged with purple; fine form, and good substance.

Eliacine (Tyso's): white ground; large flower, well edged with purple.

Melancthon (Tyso's): cream ground; petals heavily edged with purple; fine form.

Claimant (Tyso's): yellow ground, sweetly mottled with red; of distinct character.

Queen of England (West's): possessing good petals of a white ground, with light purple mottling.

Jane (Ayrzee's): white ground, well edged with light crimson; good depth of petals.