Considerable dissatisfaction is felt at our not inserting, in detail, reports of exhibitions which we attend personally, or of those held at a distance, and of which particulars are forwarded to us by esteemed correspondents. On the other hand, as much dissatisfaction was expressed last year, when, as was asserted, our pages were filled with matter of this kind, to a considerable extent uninteresting to a majority of our readers. Now we think there is reason on the side of both objections; and with a view of meeting them, we propose, in 1850, to insert full details when furnished us of the most important exhibitions in the different districts of the country; and as there is nothing like having plenty of time to consider and decide which these should be, we earnestly request our subscribers to communicate their sentiments upon the subject.

We have but one object; - the making The Florist and Garden Miscellany as universally acceptable as possible. Personal objections to insert these reports we can have none, for nothing is of more easy insertion, or more inexpensive. Our own opinion is, that those inserted should be really important ones; and our wish is, to give notice at the commencement of 1850, of those exhibitions which are to be inserted during the year, so as to prevent trouble to correspondents, and to keep our hands clear of any thing like partiality in the selection. The object should be, not to gratify a very laudable feeling of satisfaction at seeing our names in print as winners, but that higher motive of conveying instruction by giving the names of the varieties forming the winning collections. If we do not keep this prominently in view, whilst we shall please the family of Greens or Greys by inserting their success in our pages, we shall have the larger family of the Smiths and Browns inquiring, "What care we about their winning those honours? let us have the names of all the best varieties of all kinds seen, and that will be enough for us." Let our friends communicate their sentiments on this subject as freely as they please, and we will give the result in a future Number.