At the last meeting in Regent Street, Messrs. Veitch produced cut branches of Fuchsia spectabilis, stated to have been cut from a plant growing in their conservatory border, and which had been in full flower three months. It still maintains its high character. Mr. Kendall, of Stoke Newington, sent a seedling Cineraria, in the way of "Beauty of Newington," named "Queen of the Isles." The plant exhibited was finely flowered, and was stated to be a cutting from a seedling of the present year. It had never been out of heat. Early in October it was subjected to a minimum temperature of 76° by day, and 60° by night; proving that the Cineraria may be successfully forced to flower at this season of the year; a valuable fact, for what plant can be more beautiful or cheering during the dull winter months?