Will any of your readers kindly give me a hint respecting the best way of cultivating this fine plant? Although a great favourite with me, I have as yet been unable to grow it to any thing like the perfection in which I have seen it at other places. Last year I had two plants which I paid particular attention to. They grew freely, were kept stopped back, and allowed to flower a little, but not so much as to weaken the plants; which, however, died when they were in 11 -inch pots, and well established, measuring fifteen inches through and ten inches high. They were not over-watered, but kept moderately damp. In watering, I gave a sufficiency to soak the ball of earth through. The house in which they were grown is a very light one, and was shaded when the sun was powerful. Plenty of air was given; but with the above treatment, the foliage all at once assumed a yellow appearance, which gradually increased, and ultimately the plants died.

T. R.

Leschenaultia Formosa 18500030