Figured in the Botanical Magazine for June.

Metrosideros Buxifolia

A branching evergreen greenhouse shrub, having much the appearance of a Myrtle. It is a native of New Zealand, where it is described as a rambling shrub, adhering to trees, and by its lateral roots climbing to the summits of the loftiest timber in the forests of Wangaroa, Bay of Islands. It has white flowers, rather small, of no particular beauty.

Hedychium Chryoleucum

A perennial herbaceous stove-plant; rather showy; growing about five feet high: imported from India by the late Dr. Roxburgh. It has very handsome sweet-scented flowers of a pure white, with light orange in the disk, which are produced in the autumn.

Oberonia Iridifolia

This genus is one of the most remarkable of all orchidaceous plants, having distichous leaves, and very dense spikes of minute flowers, not inaptly resembling a mouse's tail. It is a plant possessing but little beauty; only valued as a botanical curiosity. It is a native of Ceylon, Silhet, and Nepal, where it blooms in the cold season, having flowers of a pale yellowish flesh-colour.

Ochna Atropurpurea

A rigid evergreen greenhouse shrub, rather pretty, having bright yellow flowers that are sweet-scented. It is a native of South Africa, east of the Cape, and extending as far as Delagoa Bay.

These four species are figured from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Hoya Coriacea

A glabrous soft-wooded suffruticose twining stove-plant, of an epiphytical habit, having large umbels of numerous flowers of a pale brown colour, with a dark brown eye. It was discovered on Mount Salak, in Java, by T. Lobb, and introduced by Messrs. Veitch and Co., Exeter.

Hoya Purpureo-Fusca

A smooth twining and copiously flowering stove-plant; very showy, similar to H. cinnamomifolia, having flowers of nearly the same size and shape, but of a different colour, being very handsome, and of a rich purple brown. It is found common in the woods at Panarang, in Java. Introduced by Messrs. Veitch and Co., Exeter, through their collector, Mr. T. Lobb. These two Hoyas are figured from Messrs. Veitch and Co.

Coloured Illustrations in Paxton's Flower-Gar den for June.

Ciianthus Dampieri

A stout decumbent herbaceous greenhouse perennial plant, of exquisite beauty, belonging to the order of Leguminosae, having peduncles produced from the axils, with four or five large flowers on the end of each of a deep scarlet colour, with a deep purple stain at the base of the standard, or upper part of the flower. It was raised by Messrs. Veitch and Co. from seeds imported from New Holland.

Medinilla Magnifica

A noble-looking evergreen stove-shrub, glabrous throughout, having leaves nearly a foot long, and four or five inches broad; from the ends of the branches hang down panicles of from fifteen to eighteen inches long, of rich glossy rose-coloured flowers, with purple petals, and very large many-ribbed bracts of the richest and clearest pink. It is a native of Java, and was imported by Messrs. Veitch and Co., Exeter, from which establishment these two were figured.

Tricopilia Suavis

A low-growing orchidaceous plant, a native of central America, having flowers five inches in diameter, nearly white, with a few slight stains of red on the sepals and petals, and a large convolute lip richly spotted with clear rose; the flowers emit the most delicious odour of Hawthorn; pseudo-bulbs are long and thin, and are furnished with one broad leaf. It has flowered with Mrs. Lawrence and Mr. Loddiges; and requires the same treatment as Lycaste Skinneri. Figured from R. S. Holdford, Esq.

The woodcuts contain: 1. leaves and flowers of Acacia macradenia; 2. a portion of a branch with leaves and flowers of Cephalotaxus Fortuni; 3. a small branch of Juniperus Bphffirica; 4. Quercus inversa; 5. Quercus sclero-phvlla, - leaves and fruit of each; G. a single flower of Loelia grandis; 7. a small branch of Symplocus japonica; 8. a flower and leaves of Rhaponticum acaule; 9. a flower and magnified lip of Dendrobium candidum; 10. a flower of D. revolution; 11. a flower and magnified lip of D. mesochlorum; 12. D. Egertonise; 13. D. crepidatum - a flower and magnified lip of each.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. J. Houlston.