Figured in the Botanical Magazine for August.

Eugenia Brasiliensis

An evergreen stove-shrub, belonging to the family of Myrtles, forming a bush six or eight feet high, with leaves as large as the common Laurel. It lias white flowers, produced in the spring; they are of short duration, and but of little beauty. Native country Brazil.

Dendrobuim Kingianum

A greenhouse Orchid, attaining but a few inches in height; sepals and petals of the flowers purple; lip white, streaked with purple: a very pretty dwarf species. Native of New Holland.

Hakea Cucullata

An evergreen greenhouse shrub, about four or five feet high, with large spreading leathery concave leaves, and flowers of a red and yellow colour, produced in copious clusters from the axils of the upper leaves; its nearest affinity is with II. Victoria: of little interest, unless for large collections. Native country New Holland.

Campylobotrys Discolor

A dwarf soft-wooded stove-plant, flowering freely when only a few inches high, and remarkable for the livid green or velvety gloss on the upper side of the leaves, and the rich red tints of the branches; the flowers are produced on short nodding spikes, and are of a deep rich red colour. It was transmitted from Paris to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and is said to be a native of Bahia or Mexico.

Stylidium Saxifragoides

A beautiful little species, nearly allied to S. ciliatum; the flowers are large for the size of the plant, and are of a yellow colour. It was raised by Messrs. Veitch from seeds imported from Swan River. A greenhouse plant, and one that deserves a place in every collection.

Hypocyrta Gracilis

A soft-wooded suffruticose stove-plant, with a habit similar to an Æschynanthus; the flowers are of a creamy white, spotted with orange on the under side of the tube within. It was imported from the Organ Mountains in Brazil, by Messrs. Backhouse of York.

Coloured Illustrations in Paxton's Flower-Garden for August.

Rhododendron Cinnamomeum, Var. Cunninghami

A hardy hybrid, resembling R. Clivianum, having large heads of white flowers spotted with dark purple. It was raised by Mr. Cunningham of Liverpool, and is between R. cinnamomeum and the late white maximum. A very handsome hardy hybrid.

Bejaria Coarctata

A hard-wooded low-growing half-hardy evergreen shrub, of neat habit, with leaves resembling the common Box, and flowers of exquisite beauty; allied to the Rhododendron; differing principally in the petals being separate, not united into a tube; the flowers are produced in close corymbs on the ends of the branches, and are of a crimson colour. It was raised at Sion House, where it has flowered. Native country New Grenada.

Odontoglossum Naevium

A singular little Orchid, with flowers resembling those of Oncidium phymatochilum; sepals and petals narrow, long, pointed, and wavy; flowers white, spotted all over with a rich crimson. Introduced by Sir R. Schomburgk from the Andes of New Grenada, and figured from Mr. Loddiges' Nursery, Hackney.

The woodcuts contain: 1. Bejaria Lindeniana; 2. B. restuans; 3. Passi-flora medusæa; 4. Cuphea cinnabarina, a small branch containing leaves and flowers of each; 5. Lisianthus princeps, a flower and leaves; 6. Parsonsia hete-rophvlla, a flowering branch; 7. Acineta densa; 8. Campanea gramliflora, a flower of each; 9. Leaves and flowers of Abutilon insigne; 10. A spike of flowers of Acropera armeniaca; 11. Campylobotrys discolor, noticed above; 12. Columnea aurantiaca, a leaf and flowers; 13. Arctocalyx Endlicherianus, flowers and stem; 14. Rhododendron jasminiflorum, noticed at p. 202.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. J. Houlston.