Figured in the Botanical Magazine for February.

Acanthophippium Javanicum

An orchidaceous plant of great beauty, with an inflorescence similar to A. Sylhetense; the pseudo-bulbs are elongated, and have a bracteated scape about six inches long, bearing six or eight large handsome flowers of a yellow colour, beautifully veined, tinged, and streaked with purplish red; the flowers are not so bright in colour as A. bicolor, but are in greater profusion, and remain a long time in perfection. It is a native of the woods of the mountain of Salack in Java; introduced some years ago by Messrs. Loddiges, and is at present very scarce in collections. Figured from Kew.

Coelogyne Wallichii

An elegant orchidaceous plant, differing from the generality of the genus by being terrestrial like the Bletias: its pseudo-bulbs are flagon-shaped, dark green, warted, and frequently covered with a strong veining of loose network; flowers large, one from each pseudo-bulb, of a very delicate purplish colour; the labellum is pink, white, and yellow, with a few red spots. It was discovered by Dr. Wallich, in the mountain district of Sylhet and Khasiya; also found by Dr. Hooker, in his present mission, near Darjeeling in Sikkim Himalaya, and from him sent to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, from whence it was figured.

Clematis Graveolens

A slender-growing species, quite hardy, suitable for covering a trellis-work or a wall; it attains the height of about six feet, flowers moderately large, of a pale yellowish-green colour. It is a native of Chinese Tartary and the snowy passes of Western Himalaya, at an elevation of 12,000 feet. Figured from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Dipteracanthus Spectabilis

This is a very showy species, having a large flower of a deep-purple blue colour (like Achimenes longiflora); it is an erect, branching, soft-wooded plant, having an herbaceous aspect, and grows from one to two feet high. It is a native of Cuenca in Peru; hence it will require an intermediate house for cultivation: seeds were received from W. Lobb by Messrs. Veitch and Son, Exeter, with whom it flowered, and from there it was figured.

Zauschneria Californica, Variety Latifolia

A low, probably hardy, half-shrubby, perennial plant, having beautiful red flowers like a Fuchsia; it is a free-growing species, flowering abundantly towards the latter part of summer, and continuing a long time in perfection. This will make a useful plant for bedding out; if planted thick, and stopped back early in the season, it will attain a tolerable degree of compactness before the end of summer; it is well worthy of pot-culture, or as an ornamental object for a conservatory. It was introduced to the Horticultural Society through Mr. Hartweg from California. Figured from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Pentstemon Cordifolius

A rather weak and straggling-growing herbaceous plant of very distinct character, having bright scarlet flowers, which are produced freely during summer; it is an ornamental plant for shrubberies or flower-borders, or for rockwork. It was discovered by Mr. Hartweg on the mountain of Santa Inez in California, who sent seeds to the Horticultural Society. Figured from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. J. Hoclston.