Under this head we intend to give, from time to time, as opportunity-may offer, some account of such new or recently introduced plants as we consider will prove acquisitions to our readers. Our remarks will relate to the more attractive subjects figured in the leading periodicals of the day, and also to the most beautiful of the new things which come under our own observation. We will begin with:

Zygopetalum Brachypetalum

A beautiful orchid exhibited at the last meeting of the Horticultural Society in Regent Street, from M. de Jonghe, of Brussels. The lip is rather large, bluish lilac, marbled with white; the petals and sepals green, marked with brown. It is, however, not so handsome, to our taste, as Z. Mackayi.

Vanda Suavis

A specimen of this fine orchid was also exhibited at the same meeting, from Mr. Holford's gardener. It is a truly beautiful thing, having large white flowers, spotted with bright brown. There are, however, some inferior nearly spotless varieties of it. We understand it is in the possession of Messrs. Veitch..

Calanthe Vestita

Also a beautiful orchid exhibited a short time ago by Messrs. Veitch. It produces long racemes of white blossoms, which are spotted in their centres with bright crimson.

Curtis's Botanical Magazine for December contains:

Allamanda Aubletii

A handsome yellow-flowered climbing stove-shrub, figured from the nursery of Messrs. Lucombe, Pince, and Co., of Exeter. It was introduced from Brazil, and appears to be most nearly related to A. Schottii.

Pleroma Kunthianum

An erect-growing stove Melastomad, equal in beauty to P. elegans; the flowers being as large, but of a deeper shade of purple. It comes from Brazil.

Dipladenia Urophylla

A beautiful bushy stove-plant, figured from the collection of Messrs. Veitch. It has a good foliage, and pendent salmon-coloured flowers, inclining to purple; the tubes of the blossoms, inside and out, being tawny yellow.

Swainsona Greyana

A pretty purple and white Pea-flowered plant, from South Australia. It requires a cool greenhouse, in which it blossoms from June to August. It is figured from the collection of Mr. Ingram, of Southampton.