From the commencement of the Florist and Garden Miscellany, we have been met with the assurance that productions highly esteemed in one district of the country are despised in the other. Our correspondence from the North and South has been full of complaints of this character.

It occurred to us, some time back, to consult Messrs. Turner and Edwards upon the subject, and to offer some suggestions, by way of bringing the question to a satisfactory issue. It appeared to us, that if exhibitions of northern and southern raised flowers could be arranged, and held both in the North and in the South, they would be most interesting affairs.

The gentlemen in question took the matter up; and Mr. Edwards, with that zeal he always displays in his favourite pursuit, has produced the following programme; which we earnestly entreat our readers to assist in carrying out both by their personal services and subscriptions.

For ourselves, we have much pleasure in subscribing five pounds towards the necessary funds; and with that offer we introduce the excellent proposal of our friend, reminding all interested that there is no time to be lost, - the work must be commenced without delay.

Be it remembered, that if satisfactory in its results, this is only the beginning of a series of meetings proposed to be held with the object of testing other flowers in the same manner.