The best and safest mode of taking offsets from Auriculas is that of carefully breaking them out of the old stem, and filling the wound with a little finely pounded charcoal. If the knife can be dispensed with, all the better. The sap flows from a cut wound for a considerable time, weakens the plant, quickly decomposes, and in many instances ultimately destroys the plant; while from the broken wound there is no discharge of sap, it dries up immediately, and becomes sound, although presenting a rough appearance to the eye.

Seed, if not already sown, should be attended to at once. See that the soil in the seed-pans sown last month is kept moistened. As soon as it makes its appearance, give a slight sprinkling of the manure-water recommended in Vol. I. page 102 now and then; but carefully avoid exceeding the proportions stated.

Peckham, Surrey. J. T. Neville.

Offsets #1

Give air by degrees to the rooted offsets taken last month before finally exposing them. Many will have put forth new fibres by this time. Examine the unrooted ones also, and give water when necessary, but do not exceed moderate moisture. Destroy slugs, etc. under the glasses.

Offsets #2

Look to the offsets plunged in the south border, and transplant all that are rooted. About the second or third week, shade the glasses on the south side with any convenient material, and let the shading remain till the plants are fit to remove.