Among the many plants that have been of late subjected to floricultural improvement, strange to say this has hitherto escaped notice. Is it because this variety of Pelargonium is a perfect gem in its present form that nothing has been done respecting it? Beautiful, however, as it now is, surely we err if we consider it incapable of improvement. As a stepping-stone to future action, therefore, permit me to suggest the propriety, of such as may have an opportunity of doing so, of taking the matter in hand; and perhaps it would be well, in the first place, to institute a course of experiments having for their object a more perfect knowledge of means whereby it may be brought to a flowering state with greater certainty than it hitherto has been. In the mean while, I promise you, circumstances permitting, that I shall not be unmindful of the subject, nor fail in publishing the result of my experience. I remember, several years ago, having seen a purple variety of Echinatum, but cannot find any one who has it.

Can any of your readers assist me in this matter? An East Anglican.