A few remarks upon the varieties sent out from this place will perhaps be acceptable; and we should feel obliged if our brother raisers would communicate any particulars of the same kind regarding their productions. Emily, Cuyp, Governor, and Painter, will flower well in May, June, and July, or even later, if required. Pet, Loveliness, and Rosalind, are not so good in May as in the two following months; let them, therefore, be stopped back the latter end of this month (November) or beginning of next. To prove how desirable it is that growers should be acquainted with these particulars, we may add, that Emilia and Cassandra, in our cultivation, are not worth a passing glance in May; but in June and July, or later, they are two charming varieties. So with Rosamund: in the latter end of April, and all May, it is beautiful; but as the season advances, the bright rose-colour, so beautifully blended with the purple, vanishes, and the flowers assume a washy appearance. All exhibitors should study well the characters of the varieties they cultivate, as it greatly increases their chance of success.