Last season we were particularly struck with the very beautiful selection and arrangement of plants in the vases placed in front of the Palm-house at Kew. These vases are of iron, thoroughly painted stone-colour; and however objectionable a material iron may be for the purpose, on account of its continued tendency to rust, nothing could be more beautiful for a length of time than the group of flowers in question, shewing that it is not entirely unsuitable. Mr. Allen, the foreman of the flower-garden department, has favoured us with the following memorandum. "They were filled in the month of June with the undernamed plants; the tallest were placed in the centre, and the colours mixed as I would do in making up a lady's bouquet: the plants were not selected for the purpose; they were some left over after filling the flower-beds.

"Geraniums - Prince of Orange; Frogmore, scarlet: Tom Thumb, scarlet; Variegated scarlet. Petunias - Xyctaginiflora, white; Ageratum mexicanum, blue, and A. album, white; Salvia patens, blue; Calceolaria amplexicaulis and rugosa, yellow; Ver-benas - Defiance, scarlet; Barkerii, scarlet; Emma, purple; Avalanche, white".