We have here a new illustrated work on the Rose, and if for nothing else, certainly most remarkable for the industry of its author. Mr. H. Curtis cultivates Roses for sale, takes portraits of his flowers, lithographs, describes them, and gives their history and their culture. This is indeed unexampled industry, which we trust will meet with its reward. The Rose is a most difficult flower to put on paper; in fact, it never can be seen in its full beauty except on a "Rose-tree in full bearing," and then only for a few fleeting hours. Mr. C. has, however, done his work well; his portraits are spirited and truthful; - his figure of the Cloth of-gold Noisette is really gorgeous, yet perfectly true to Nature; but we must add, that only in France, in Jersey, and in the north and west of England, have we seen such splendid flowers. The history and culture of each Rose are given in a plain common-sense manner; and Mr. C.'s book will, we trust, be found worthy a place on the drawing-room table of every lover of Roses.