Those plants which were cut down early will be starting their eyes, and the little maggot will soon be found busily at work. Look sharp after them, not once, but frequently, or they will soon destroy the blooming-buds. Keep green-fly down by immediately fumigating on their first appearance.

Roses In Pots #1

The directions of last month are suitable for the present. Be careful when watering, or otherwise engaged about the plants, not to break off the lengthening shoots, which the slightest touch will readily do. It is line upon line; but we must add, keep all plants clean of green-fly. J. Dobson.

Roses In Pots #2

Give abundance of air when the weather is favourable. If plants are required for exhibition, or a display in June, they should be pruned about the second week of this month.

J. Dobson.

Roses In Pots #3

Keep a sharp look-out upon young shoots as they start from last month's pruning, for the maggot will be busy at work before the shoot is unfolded. Water once a week with liquid manure.

Worton Cottage. J. Dobson.

Roses In Pots #4

Plants, of Teas, Chinas, and Bourbons, if stopped back the early part of this month, will flower in July.