This Nursery, long so famous for its floricultural productions when conducted by Messrs. Brown, after languishing in the hands of Cutter and Co., passed into the possession of our friend Mr. Turner in January 1849; and almost as if by magic it has assumed an appearance well becoming its situation and the character of the present proprietor. Within a few minutes' walk of the Great Western Railway station at Slough, and a couple of miles from Windsor, it is of easy access; and we are sure that no one will find himself disappointed that may devote to it a few hours. The grounds occupy about eight acres, open in all directions; the soil of excellent quality, and admirably arranged for the purpose to which it is applied. The amateur should certainly visit this spot, and, if an observant one, he cannot fail to obtain serviceable information, from witnessing the simple arrangements by which Mr. Turner obtains those beautiful productions which give him so distinguished a place as an exhibitor all over the country. It immediately adjoins the London Road, from which the dwelling-house and a large glass conservatory form conspicuous and attractive objects, from their elegant simplicity of construction.

Mr. Turner has hitherto been known as a dealer in florists' flowers only, such as Pinks, Carnations, Picotees, Dahlias, Pansies, etc.; but while he still continues a most extensive cultivator of these varieties, - better if possible than when at Chalvey, - he has now a general nursery business, and a stock of first-rate character suitable to it. The grounds are beautifully clean and well kept, and the numerous glass erections well filled and in superior order; and we heartily wish that one who has so essentially and disinterestedly aided The Florist from its commencement, may receive the greatest encouragement in his present undertaking. We feel bound to direct the attention of our readers to such of our friends as are in the trade when we can do so with justice to all parties, as in the present case.