Kendall's Sanspareil, white, with blue tip, was not sufficiently in bloom to judge of its merits: hope to see this flower again, for it is very promising. Henderson's Fairy Queen, white, with puce edge; large flower, and a desirable variety. Henderson's Delicata, a very pretty free-blooming variety; white centre, with lilac-purple edge. Henderson's Margaretta, fine blue.

April 17th

E. Brande, Esq. in the chair. Mr. Myatt, of Dept-ford, exhibited a remarkably large and finely flowered Cyclamen. It could not measure less than 18 inches across, and was quite a mass of sweet-scented blossoms. These were the production of a single bulb, and shewed what could be effected, by time and good management, with a plant within the reach of every body, and than which few are handsomer.

Mr. Henderson, of the "Wellington Road Nursery, sent twelve Cinerarias, the best of which were Mdlle. Rosati, white, with a dark disc, and edged with bluish lilac, a fine flower, but rather small; Mdlle. Perodi, white, edged with pink, dark centre; Flora M'lvor, intense crimson purple; Nymph, white, with a purple centre; Fanny Ellsler, white; and Bessy, a deep velvetty purple. - Eleven seedling Cinerarias, dwarf and well bloomed, were produced by Mr. Pond, of Bath. Among these, the most striking were, Bride, pale lilac, with a light centre; and Bridesmaid, a large flower, white tipped with purplish lilac. - Mr. Salter, Versailles Nursery, Hammersmith, sent a seedling Cineraria named Incomparable. - Beautiful cut specimens of crimson and delicate pink Rhododendrons, along with a bunch of the yellow Chinese Azalea, were exhibited by Mr. Cox, gardener to W. Wells, Esq., of Redleaf. - Mr. Frost, of Dropmore, sent flowers of two seedling Azaleas named Frostii and Andersonii.